Dress code

At Maxstoke Park we consider that appropriate behaviour both in the clubhouse and on the Golf Course is more important than dictating how an individual should be dressed. We recognise that opinions on this matter are very divided so, as a guideline for your visit, please note that any smart casual clothing, including denim, is acceptable in the Clubhouse although we draw the line at caps, flip-flops, beach style shorts and football shirts being worn. We do not allow golf shoes of any type to be worn indoors, except in the 19th and we also ask that you change out of any dirty or wet clothing before entering the clubhouse.

On the Golf Course we do accept fashion changes very quickly and our current guideline is very simply that any recognised golfing apparel that can be purchased from a professional golf retail outlet is acceptable. Matching socks of any variety are fine. Golf shorts should be tailored but cargo shorts are not, as yet, deemed to be “golfing apparel”.

Please CLICK HERE for our full dresscode.

Mobile phones should only be used in an emergency when on the golf course. When in the clubhouse they can be used for e mails, messaging etc but calls should be taken in the car park, offices or entrance to changing rooms

Extensive changing facilities are provided and changing of attire including shoes in the car park area is forbidden. 





“Superb course and extremely well kept. Would highly recommend.”

“A superb golf test. Excellent facilities, fast and true greens make the course a worthy venue for any societies or competitions.”

“Maxstoke Park golf club is a well run club with superb ground staff that genuinely care about the course.”

“Course was in very good condition. The greens were lightning fast!”

“A beautiful course with plenty of water to make you think. You will enjoy the Castle hole No 17 which I made a par.”